Loud and Clear? Probably not

A lot of the commentators in the media seem to be reading off the same talking points. They are trying to convince the American people that the reason the Democrats received such a smack-down this past Tuesday was that the voters want to send a message to Washington that “we’re tired of the partisanship. We want you to work together and get about the People’s business.”

I’ve talked to a lot of “the People” in the last few days. Not one of them said any such thing. The message they were sending is “We have far too much of a far too intrusive federal government. This is NOT the change we voted for.” The general American population has gotten a good look at the liberal Progressive agenda and they don’t like what they see. They want government to provide ways for the People to solve the problems, not exacerbate the problems. Everyone I have talked to has said the same thing – We have far too much government in our lives today. Nobody feels like the federal government is doing its job correctly and most of them feel that the government has expanded its reach and scope exponentially over the last dozen years.

Those who don’t feel that way are friends of mine who are licking their wounds and trying to convince me that the election was rigged. That’s the same thing I told them when Obama beat Romney. Their response was that I was just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut. They were not at all amused when I dropped by their house with a gift wrapped box of Reynolds Wrap.

Just sayin…

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