Foreword from “The Field Guide for Identifying the Modern Progressive”

The time has come for us to strip away the veneer of respectability which has been provided by the forward thinking of Theodore Roosevelt. Today’s Progressive is as much the descendant of Teddy as the ISIS decapitator is the scion of Muawiya. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is more akin to Adolf Hitler than Mohammed. So it is with those who proudly proclaim that theirs is the philosophy of enlightened reform and scientific reason in all things political, economic, and social. It is an antithetical psychosis.

The Progressive social theory is not an ideology. It is a theology. Its adherents are a cult of the petty, selfish, equivocating, and nihilistic sociopaths of the world. It is a miserable failure on every front, debasing all that was good, all that was unique, and all that was empowering about the American experiment. Instead of equality, it has given us polarization. Instead of opportunity, it has given us dependence. Instead of education, it has given us ignorance. Instead of prosperity, it has given us debt. Those who still embrace and espouse the Progressive theology are not enlightened; they are sanctimonious fools.

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