Aux barricades !

The global economy has been hijacked by the central bankers to the point where we now believe that the only way the world can function is if we create more debt. The quickest and most effective way to create debt is war. Wars break things and kill people. The things have to be replaced, the survivors have to be compensated, and more soldiers have to be trained. This takes more money. If we create more debt, we can create more money. If we create more money, we can loan more money out. And the vicious circle goes around and around until everyone is so dizzy they cannot think straight.

Stop. Think.

Has there ever been an economy that functioned without creating  massive debt? Why does the government have to spend so much money? Yes. I am serious. Don’t just give me a brain-dead conditioned-reflex response. Give me a reasoned, logical answer that you truly believe and can defend. Can you?

Do you know that when you deposit your money into a bank, you are giving them your money to do with as they will… unless you specifically tell them that they cannot? So, on top of all of the fees they charge, they are taking your money and putting it on trading platforms and earning interest. They NEVER lose their money, but they can lose yours. It’s okay though, because the government has insured the money and if the bank fails… you’ll get your money back. At least, some of it.

What if the government is broke, too?

Why is it never the banker’s fault? Why are they NOT responsible for their reckless and irresponsible behavior? Who gave them the permission to create mountains of debt that we would have to pay off, absolving them of any culpability in the resulting boom-bust cycles?

When did we agree to become surety for the central bankers?

Who sold us into this debt slavery?

It is time to tell the PRIVATE international central banking system,
“Piss off, you disease-ridden rodents! You created the debt. YOU pay it off!”

What would they do if EVERYONE cut up their credit cards and pulled all of their money out of the banks? Arrest us? Force us to take a new credit card? “Charge or be stripped of your human rights!”

Perhaps the time has come to storm the Bastille and sharpen the guillotines!

I am, of course, speaking metaphorically… or am I?

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