About Me

The success of “Economic Warfare” (Wiley, 2011), his collaboration with Ziad Abdelnour, has led to a very successful career writing and editing books for other people.

Wes has the ability to assume the “voice” of the person he is writing for in such a way as to make the writing process truly transparent.

Wes’ specific competencies include

  • writing,
  • problem solving,
  • dealing with ambiguity,
  • adaptive learning,
  • project development, and
  • cognitive reasoning.

“Given the nature of the material, Wes turned what could have been another dry statistical tome into a compelling account.  So much so that, because of the excellent attention to historical details, I am going to use ‘Economic Warfare’ in my Contemporary America course.”

Dr. Bruce Rubenstein, Professor of American History –  University of Michigan-Flint

Wes holds a BA in Management and Organizational Development from Spring Arbor University.

His previous career was in the field of electrical engineering and design; a trade for which he was trained while in the U.S. Air Force. He started as a draftsman in 1979 and worked his way up over the next 28 years to become a successful project manager and a senior staff member.

Wes has brought much of his PM experience to his business consulting practice, helping startup business owners and entrepreneurs

  • DEFINE their dreams,
  • DEVELOP their plans, and
  • DELIVER on their potential to live their passionate, authentic professional lives.

He has written proposals, business and marketing plans and created pitch decks and presentations for several firms around the country.

Active in the community, Wes currently serves on the Planning & Zoning Commission and is a Trustee on the Police Pension Board in his city. He has held officer positions in Gulfport Toastmasters, Grand Blanc Area Toastmasters and is a former Vice-President of ConnecTech Greater Flint.

He was also active in Michigan politics; first as a member of the Executive Board of the Genesee County Republican Party, as a candidate for State Senate, and finally as Chairman of the Outreach Committee for the Michigan GOP State Committee. Wes left the GOP in 1996 in opposition to what he considered the theocratic extremism which was exerting influence on party policy. He now considers himself to be a fiscally conservative, socially moderate independent in alignment with the libertarian view of limited government.

Wes is a Vietnam-era Veteran and served in the US Air Force from 1972 to 1976.

  • Avionics training at Keesler Technical Training Center in Biloxi, MS.
  • 57th Avionics Maintenance Squadron at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there, he was temporarily assigned to support the 64th Aggressor Squadron (RED STAR) and traveled all over the continental United States.
  • In the fall of 1974, he was assigned to the 401st AMS at Torrejon AB just north of Madrid, Spain, where he did temporary duty assignments at Aviano AB, Italy and Incirlik AB, Turkey.


“Wesley is one of those people in this business with whom everyone loves working. As part of the creative team for our spec pilot, “Ebony & Ivory,” Wesley’s brilliant writing talent and his skills as an actor helped us craft an incredible story bible and spec lock that we will be shopping later this year. Insightful, enthusiastic, and humble to a fault, Wesley brings an exemplary work ethic to a project and delivers results that are highly sought after in the creative community. I highly recommend him.”

James Moorer – CEO, Dog & Butterfly Entertainment