134 and counting

The Daily Bell posted a commentary today which revealed the staggering number of military actions that the US has been involved since September 2001. 134! One of the most striking statements is this

September 11th and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security generated the infrastructure for current US bellicosity. The “war on terror” justifies virtually any military action around the world – and soon those military actions will be taking place on US soil as well, whether they are properly described or not.


What the hell has happened to this nation? We are quickly becoming the epitome of all that we claim to stand against. We have a tin-pot dictator who oppresses and suppresses one group of his people to assuage another group. We threaten banking institutions around the world to help us track down those who would dare to seek financial privacy. We spread arms around like a Crewe throwing beads at Mardi Gras and then feign righteous indignation when the natives go off the reservation. We have become an international bully, thug, and extortionist in the name of what? Central banking power.

Our house has become a den of thieves, whores, and warmongers. It is time to clean out the rat’s nest.

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