What is a ghostwriter?

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I write books for people who either don’t have the time or the ability to write one for themselves. They put their name on it. They market it as their own story. They collect the royalties. They enjoy the fame and celebrity that comes from publishing their story. And that’s okay.

I am a ghostwriter. That’s my job.

It has been my experience that those who are busy building successful careers have very little time to sit down and record a step-by-step replay of their journey to the top. When you are truly making a difference in the world, you are not normally focused upon memorializing your achievements.

The reason for this is simple.ghostwriter

When you are in the moment, you rarely have the perspective to appreciate the importance of what is transpiring. At best, many successful people will keep notes or a journal; however, most do this to preserve a record of conversations, decisions, or strategies should they need to review the event for legal or administrative purposes at a future date.

But there are many excellent reasons you should write a book.

Your book…

  • makes you the thought-leader in your field of expertise,
  • establishes you as a subject matter expert (SME),
  • tells the story from your perspective,
  • establishes the facts as you know them,
  • records your philosophy and your accomplishments, and
  • tells YOUR story.

 Your book leaves a legacy.


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